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Join us for a two-night celebration of the opening of the legendary Axiom nightclub (1987-1992) in Houston, Texas. Come out and enjoy an amazing line-up of bands who played the original club, most reuniting for this weekend only. Musicians will be flying in from Washington, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, and even Brazil to take part. So come enjoy music on two stages, air conditioned luxury, memories, mayhem, and more. Whether you played at the Axiom, hung out at the Axiom, or just want to join the party, we’d love to see you there.  – J.R. Delgado and the Axiom staff


Doors: 8:00 p.m.     Music: 8:30 p.m.     All ages!!!!!


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 2007


Sprawl (1:00-2:00 a.m.)
de Schmog (12:15 p.m.)
Blunt (11:30 p.m.)
Toho Ehio (10:50 p.m.)
U.Y.U.S. (10:10 p.m.)
Fleshmop (9:30 p.m.)
David von Ohlerking with Stelly Hall String Quartet (9:00 p.m.)


Downstairs times are very approximate…  
The Cave Reverend – late nite encore! (1:30 a.m.)
Anarchitex (ex-Pain Teens, Really Red) (12:30 p.m.)
Bad Samaritans (11:30 p.m.)
The Awful Truth (10:30 p.m.)
Grindin’ Teeth (9:30 p.m.)
The Cave Reverend (8:30 p.m.)




Academy Black with guest Michael Haaga (ex-dead horse) (12:30-1:30 a.m.)
Cinco Dudes (11:45 p.m.)
Bayou Pigs (11:00 p.m.)
Joint Chiefs (10:15 p.m.)
Sad Pygmy (9:30 p.m.)
Uncle Charlie (Dresden 45 acoustic mini opera!) (9:00 p.m.)


Downstairs times are very approximate…  
The Cave Reverend – late night encore! (1:30 a.m.)
Turmoil in the Toybox (11:30 p.m.)
Backyard Epics (10:30 p.m.)
Jimmy Bradshaw (ex-Squat Thrust) (9:30 p.m.)
The Cave Reverend (8:30 p.m.)

For individual line-ups, please see Your Axiom Band Members.

All proceeds after costs going to the Musicians Benevolent Society of Houston and Friends of BARC (animal welfare non-profit).


172 Responses to “About the Event”

  1. melissa noble Says:

    keep me posted

  2. GREGariousMAINiac Says:

    we are glad to be a part of such a cool fucking show!!!

  3. Karen Raymond Says:

    I can’t wait to see some of y’all!

  4. alex kilgore Says:

    JR & CO.-
    OH the memories.

  5. Kelly Watson Says:

    Damn we’re gettin old!!! Great lineup. Hope to see all ya’ll. Except those skins we beat down in the street that night.

  6. April Pesillo Says:

    woo hoo!

  7. johnathan Says:

    look forward to it

  8. Heather Fails Says:

    I can’t fuckin wait! Great Line-up! Yet I wonder about the more hardcore punk bands the likes of Barkhard, Dresden 45? Not that I’m complaining….

  9. jerry anomie Says:

    i´ll try to come. hello to all “old” friends,jerry ps, ya´ll be sure to check out my new project neo cons gone wild. there are 3 sceans on you tube.

  10. jason deadthyme Says:

    Too bad FIFH and Dresden 45 couldn’t get back together and be there (and too bad the Pain Teens couldn’t make it), but this is still a damn exciting event! I can’t wait!!

  11. old fart Says:

    Air conditioned luxury? that doesn’t ring a bell…..

  12. uncle charlie Says:

    Dear Axiom friends
    Uncle Charlie here. Ass of today Dresden 45 is not booked to play this amazing gig. Brumby, the singer lives in LA and flat out refused. Patrick, the guitar wizard lives in Austin and refuses to play the show without Brumby. I suggested we do the show as a three piece with me on vocals but Pat has some kind of loyalty to Brumby. If this show wes at Radio City Music Hall I think I would understand Pats position. BUT ITS NOT. Its old friends getting together one more time before George Bush blows us all to kingdom come.

    So I need your help.
    If I could get many of you to email Patrick Godbey and tell him that we all want to experience the love that he is capable of sharing. Hopefully we can change his mind and the mighty Dresden 45 can take one last ride.

    Here’s the email

    Thank you
    Uncle Charlie

  13. John Ramos Says:

    Can’t Wait looking forward to it and hanging with friends lots of great memories some fuzzy.

  14. David Chaffin Says:

    Keep me informed, i wanna come down for this.

  15. Lila Says:

    Is it October yet???

  16. Steve Scholtes Says:

    Bad-Ass!!!! I will be there for sure. It will be nice to just be able to watch the bands and not have to play. Me gonna get drunk!

  17. Eev Rodriguez-Knapp Says:

    Hi Jr. and Julie,

    Please put me on your mailing list. I hope to fly down from NY to attend this event. Looking forward to it!

    Eev Rodriguez-Knapp
    formerly of Manhole

  18. Rev Bryan Says:

    If I show up and I am the only one that got old I am gonna be so fucking pissed. Cinco Dudes? Toho Ehio. Fleshmops? Bad Samaritans, wasnt that one of Joe Homesly’s bands? So much of that time is a tad fuzzy for me.
    You Rock JR!

  19. Cheryl Woodruff Says:

    I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Jay Maulsby, do you wanna car pool? Or maybe we could ride bikes down there.

  20. jona urdiales Says:

    lets rock till our teeth fall out

  21. Dan Says:

    I can’t wait. I’m already planning on coming back from SF, CA to see it. You know the one band I would love to see on here? (not that I won’t love to see all of the listed bands) Bouffant Jellyfish.

    Can’t wait for Sprawl, Academy Black, Joint Cheifs, Fleshmop, etc.

  22. Ruben Dominguez Says:

    Ok this should be a blast .. but I’m a little afraid. Can’t wait to see everyone!

  23. JD Says:

    TREAD, No Solution, End Result.

  24. damon Says:

    my balls are on fire….one,two,three,four.

  25. Scrodumb Says:

    This sounds like it just might be something I crawl out from under my rock for… thanks everyone for the future fun!

  26. you're a freak and you dont even know it Says:

    where the fuck is SUGAR SHACK

    ???????? ???????? ????????? ????????

  27. Eev Rodriguez-Knapp Says:

    Yeah………..no real reunion would be complete without the Original Sugar Shack or The Pain Teens!!!!



  29. YAmMeR Says:

    Love! From The Untalented- Ack/Black Yammer-Dave of Pigs (=Bayou Pigs+4)- Kommando Poet- Toxic Karma- PapaGritt- The Spoilers-The Liquor Legends…
    Later- Yammer

  30. Ben Dover Says:

    Great line-up. Don’t know much about what anyone else has been doing lately, but have had a chance to check out the Cave Reverend web site and the new tunes by those crazy fuckers. Extremely cool. I’m going to drag as many of my friends that are still alive to the show. It’s going to bring back a lot of good mammaries.

  31. Liz Polay-Wettengel Says:

    This might mean a trip to Texas from Boston is in order. How can I NOT come down for this? Put me on the mailing list for updates: liz AT littlemophead DOT com

    Would love to catch up with everyone!

    – Liz Polay

  32. Karen Raymond Says:

    Please come!

  33. Danica Says:

    Looking forward to seeing whoever is left of us all!

  34. Sharon Hawkins-Lovelace-Yocham and back to Hawkins Says:

    Wow! This time I won’t be drunk like at J.R.’s 50th birthday so will probably enjoy it more!

  35. Missie Barker Says:

    Can’t wait!

  36. Roxanna Says:

    I can’t wait! It’s gonna be an awesome show! But what about SUGAR SHACK WITH JR!!!!?????? SUGAR SHACK SUGAR SHACK SUGAR SHACK SUGAR SHACK!!!!!

  37. Cindy LaLa Says:

    Woohoo! See everyone there!!
    Will be missing those who have left us behind.

  38. Leesa Harrington-Squyres Says:


  39. Leesa Harrington-Squyres Says:

    Liz Polay…you must come….you must!!! If not…we will all hunt you down and pull your hair!!

  40. Leesa Harrington-Squyres Says:

    Dave Yammer….are you gonna bring that sexy ass to the show??? I’ve been dreaming about it since the 80’s!!! come on…let me see it just once more!!

  41. Average Axiom Fan Says:

    Oh how we spent our youth! I gotta see this. I’m looking forward to seeing Academy Black, Sprawl, de Schmog, Sad Pygmy, Joint Chiefs and all the others too. Come on Sugar Shack and Dresden 45!!

    I’d rather the show have been at the Axiom itself, or Rudz, but Fitz is okay.

    Is it me or was the music then more creative than today. Or is that just what every generation thinks? Anyways, glad hear the bands are still kicking ya’ll entertained and inspired me through my high school/college days.

  42. julie cody Says:

    I’m going to have to extend the backend of my September trip to include this little shindig! Thank the gods that it’s in October and NOT July. My sorry ass is spoiled by the SF area weather nirvana.

  43. Liz Polay-Wettengel Says:

    Leesa: My hair is much shorter these days.. but you can pull it anytime! xoxoxoxox

  44. axiom20th Says:

    Hi guys,

    J.R. and the rest of us are very excited that so many of y’all are coming to the reunion, and we’re enjoying reading your comments.

    Regarding the venue… We are not going to be at the Axiom because Infernal Bridegroom Productions, the theatre company that occupied the building, went out of business unexpectedly. When choosing an alternate venue, we liked Fitzgerald’s because it can hold lots more people than the Axiom or Rudz, and has stages upstairs and downstairs so we can bring you twice as many bands. We are going to take over the entire building!

    Regarding the bands… we wish Sugar Shack, Pain Teens, and Dresden 45 could play, too, but they’ve chosen not to. We’re really excited about all the bands that are going to play, and we’ll be annoucing more details about the line-up in the coming weeks.

    See you in October!

  45. Copas Says:

    Okay, Yammer – Lyman and Fagan are here in Austin (and Dow is close by) – where the hell is Greg Putman (Putzichrist), not to mention Kelton?

    All I need is four beers, and the “road crew” is ready!

  46. Putman Says:

    Hey Copas, Greg Putman is RIGHT HERE in Las Vegas. Talked to Yammer today and he was really excited. I’ll be there at the show, even if we don’t play. I hope we do though. Can’t wait to see everyone!

  47. Tomatoes Says:

    Wow, the Anarchitex? That’s my step-dad’s old band. Hmmm, maybe I could make it back for the show. And all the other’s too of course. How totally nostalgic. pureetomatoes@yahoo.com

  48. Tomatoes Says:

    I’m in LA. Does anybody live here? Let’s go hang out by the train tracks and pretend we’re back in the old days at the Axiom.

  49. Copas Says:

    Putman and Yammer: you can email me at jeffcopas@gmail.com

  50. Tom Turmoil Says:

    Well Chuck Roast Dropped me a line. I will be down for the show from Denver ! Ahh the memories..kind of a blur at times… Is it soup yet? Oh Yeah almost forgot- I got a job but it aint much….. J R We never did swap seats at the Stones or did we? FAR OUT!

  51. Black Says:

    Let the weirdness resume!

    Yammer, do you know if Steve is gonna make it in from CA?

    I’m still up 1960 way, but if any of the Pigs or AB folks need a place to crash, we’ve got space. Just LMK.


  52. David Dove Says:

    What time do the shows start? Is it an afternoon/evening thing on saturday?

  53. axiom20th Says:

    Hey, Dave! Both shows are at night. Doors and cheap beer at 8:00, psychedelic sounds of the Cave Reverend at 8:30.


  54. johnathan Says:

    Liz Polay… howdy howdy,
    last I heard you were in NYC.
    Just like the good ol’ days at the Video store huh?
    any words from Robin or Larry?
    look forward to seein ya.

  55. Andy Says:

    I cannot wait. This is gonna be awesome

  56. Fagan Says:

    JR and Julie and everybody else,
    Thanks for setting this up. It’s gonna be a blast. We rounded up all of the original Bayou Pigs and we’re – believe it or not – all still alive and doing well. Too bad no Dead Horse, Sugar Shack, Pain Teens, etc. but it is amazing how many of the bands ARE playing. A testament to the significance of the Axiom on our lives. Cheers.

    Mark Fagan

  57. rixmyth Says:

    I assume there will be many videographers and a quality audio rip of all the bands’ sets for the DVD. Am I right?


  58. Marc Curtis Says:

    Thanks J.R., Julie, and all involved! Looking forward and glad to take part.

  59. damon Says:

    glad to see bayou pigs are gonna make it. love ya puttzichrist.
    i think the horse will be represented.

  60. charlotte Says:

    Can’t wait to see everyone. Will the draft beer be free if we use the same cup? Who remembers that?

  61. mark k Says:

    ahahahahahaha…ya, that was our Save the Earth plan… but it wasn’t free it was discounted

    mark k

  62. Liz Hippler Eysink Says:

    WOW – I can’t wait. Anyone know where Catfish is? Anne and I will be there for sure. Maybe even Jon and Debbie. We used to hang out at the Axion all the time “back then”. We used to run lights when the light man was too messed up to do so… Man, partying at the Axiom was it! Remember when it rained? It would come from the ceiling… lol So many memories….
    Liz Eysink, formerly Hippler aka Cherry

  63. tacie Says:

    those were the days my friends!!!!!!!

  64. damon Says:

    If we are talking about the same catfish, rumor has it he is doing sound for Academy Black & Haaga…

  65. tiffany snyder Says:

    This should be interesting…will…. try…. to be there. Do you think the local church will be handing out hot chocolate like they did outside the Axiom? Me oh my.

  66. Heather Fails Says:

    I will not be reinacting the night I tried to wrestle the front grill of a car at GBH. Ame and Claytor will be with us in spirit.

  67. Amy Says:

    SOOOO Bummed I cant make it!!! Already had tix to Hawaii!! Hope you all have a great time!!! Maybe if Dead Horse were there I would cancel Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. ben Says:


  69. Joey Says:

    Where you at Dave? Our one chance for a Lunacy reunion! Shazbot! I’m gonna try and make it and hope to see some old crazies.

  70. axiom20th Says:

    Michael Haaga IS going to be playing dead horse songs with Academy Black. Maybe you can still unload those tickets to Hawaii, Amy!

  71. GREG MAIN Says:

    if that ain’t good enough, may a small shark bite your big toe!

    just kidding!!!

    your little toe maybe!

    okay, how bout a nasty sunburn!

  72. Leesa Harrington-Squyres Says:

    Are the BAYOU PIGS really going to play?? I heard from Lyman that it wasn’t going to happen….it’s just not the pigs w/out Puttman and Lyman…BTW..I miss and luv ya Puttman…how’s Vegas treating you??

  73. Leesa Harrington-Squyres Says:

    BTW…Liz..my hair is really F’n long…down to my waist…you can pull it anytime. I may be in New york sometime around Thanksgiving if you are still there….we need to hook up and hang out!!

  74. Leesa Harrington-Squyres Says:

    Dan…you are not alone when you say that you would love to see BOUFFANT JELLYFISH play….that would be great!! ALSO…KELLY WATSON..I found the GOODFOOT/PANJANDRUM flyer from the showbar that you have wanted all these years….we’ll talk about a barder when I see you. Call me 832-245-2172.

  75. Bill "the Master" Bates Says:

    JR–you bastard! Should have gotten with me a long time ago on this… because you are missing all the death metal/punk/grindcore that kept this going. May not be too late…
    So you want to bring a bunch down to KPFT and get silly promoting this, I am being told.
    OK, and that ain’t all I’ll do…evil thoughts are creeping in already.
    Bring the brutality! 713-819-5303 is me on the fly.

  76. Bill "the Master" Bates Says:

    METAL: Lunacy, Criminally Insane, Alyis, Dark Reign, Krullur, Splattereah,
    Imprecation, Basilisk, Crucifixion, Primeval…tons of heavy bands…
    and Sik Mentality, Bleach Bath, Truth Decay, Culturcide?
    Some of these guys can still play…
    Shouldn’t Three Day Stubble be required to set up in the lobby?

  77. Amy Says:

    I know Mike will be there, but what about Alpo, Ronnie and Greg??? Will miss you all!!! Alpotatonailgrinder where are you???

  78. axiom20th Says:

    Hi Bill, we did invite some of the bands you mention, who weren’t able to play the reunion for various reasons. Sorry we’re a little light on brutality!

  79. Tom Turmoil Says:

    Brutality Lobby…..Next

  80. Austin Constanelli Says:

    Any chance you could get Cement Pond to play??? They were awesome!!

  81. Kevin Kujawa Says:

    I’ve got to make this one.

  82. Karen Raymond Says:

    Yea! I saw Noska last night. Looks like he’s coming too!

  83. Karen Raymond Says:

    I’m pretty sure Greg, Ronnie & Zombie Ray will show up. I don’t know if anyone is even in touch with Alpo anymore. It would be nice to see them all there though.

  84. billymack Says:

    yeah…..its a shame we can’t make it…..me and sean were just in houston with our band the quarrellers to play at damons benefit/ rad rich’s birthday bash…maybe next year.

  85. Skater Dave Says:

    Going to be one hell of show, Looking foreward to seeing alot of familiar faces.


  86. Scott Gilbert Says:

    Wow! What a deal. I shall try to swing by. Hi to all the old friends and faces from the True Artist.

  87. Joseph Moreno Says:

    Does anyone know where Donald Mize is?

    Can we bring out kids?

  88. Heather Fails Says:

    I love the ‘air conditioned comfort’ reference. How many fucking air conditioning benefits were there?

  89. Heather Fails Says:

    Greg Horse better be there!

  90. Heather Fails Says:

    I will definitely pump this reunion show on Rad Rich’s Rock n Roll Revue on KPFT.

  91. axiom20th Says:

    Thanks for promoting the show, Heather! And what is this myserious “air conditioning benefit” you speak of?

  92. axiom20th Says:


  93. Jeff R. Says:

    Great idea! Long overdue. Might need to get some of the bands together more often.

    Especially looking forward to seeing Joint Chiefs and Fleshmop again. Will be great to see Sprawl, DeSchmogg, and the others.

    A much-needed dose of craziness awaits…

  94. Putman Says:

    Hey Leesa….hell yea the Bayou Pigs are going to be there. I already got my plane ticket from Vegas. Looking forward to seeing you again. Same goes for you Damon! Wow, this is going to be a blast!

  95. mike T Says:

    I’m sorry to have to miss the 20th year anniversary. Does anyone know if there will be a CD or DVD coming out of this “once in a lifetime” happening?

  96. dethnogin Says:

    Will there be any problems with bringing vid equip in, I would love to document this event .

  97. Carl Says:

    Please do, and post snippets to YouTube, even if they’re off a cellphone. 10 years of my life in 2 nights. I live in a foreign-speaking land (see J. Geils Band) and can’t hope to make it over there in time. And the hell of it is, I was out of town when Bliss Blood did a gig here!

    Welp, I’ll probably see some of you guys at Rudz around Xmas.

  98. mike T Says:

    I will pay for a well-documented taping of the event. There is an opportunity for someone to make some money. I’m sure others would pay for it as well.

  99. ruben d. Says:

    Hey guys, if any of you are planning on shooting video of performance please let JR or Julie know. Me and Seamus are gonna be shooting stuff to be used for a little video compilation that i will be working on. So if you want some of your stuff to be on there, please let us know. We are looking for performance stuff but also folks sending shout outs or telling Axiom stories on video. And one last thing, if you plan on attending make sure you get the word out to everyone you know abou this gig. Don’t just tell folks that were in the scene 20 years ago, tell your nephew, your little cousin, your neighbors kid that is a senior in high school and thinks that independent music started with myspace.com, tell everybody. It’s gonna be a good time.
    Plus we may all be dead by the the 40th anniversary show.

  100. Charles Atlarge Says:

    I am totally stoked about this show! Its gonna be great hearing this stuff live again!
    I would like to invite all of the Axiom Reunion bands, crew, fans etc. to an after hours open jam warehouse party. I have a 6000 sq ft warehouse.
    I will have free pool, free food and free drinks! Leesa is bringing her drums and I will have a pa and stage set up. So lets Jam!
    The party is saturday nite at 3012 canal 77003
    The party will start after fitzgeralds kicks us out and lasts all morning. Be sure and tell everyone that had to work during the show.
    Anyone who wants to help or know more can contact me at 713-927-4825. I could use some lights maybe…

  101. johnathan Says:

    i recall a night a drunken Henry Duys came up on stage to tackle me while i was playing. we both fell down and when i stood up my bass tuners grabbed his ear pealing it and his scalp leaving a huge flap a blowin’. he stood up and looked like some dazed zombie holding the side of his head. everyone thought he banged his head and was bleading from his ear.
    I had no idea untill we stopped the song. i ended up taking him t some Heights ER to get him stitched up.
    Wait a minute, I think Malcom said he would pay for it!
    LOL malcom
    Or better than that during the Kiss Alive show and Todd caught the lace on fire and everyone stood there watching the ceiling burn like it was part of the show.
    Didn’t Jay almost get hung during the JC Superstar show?

  102. Ifeoma Says:

    GWAR played at the Axiom all the time.
    I remember I had this really unnatural fear of them.
    Like my fear of Moses in the 10 Commandments.
    I would still go to the shows because, well, just because.
    But I would spend most of it hiding out upstairs (thanks JR).
    I would venture down every once in a while,
    in an attempt to you know, try and appreciate them.
    I mean they had a lot goin’ on, right?
    Like some real entertaining kind of stuff, right?
    But they always freaked me out,
    made me want to piss my pants,
    it was unnerving.
    I saw them at the Unicorn one time
    and literally ran out of there,

    I don’t know what my problem was.

  103. Charles Atlarge Says:

    This is gonna be the best damn show Houston has seen in years! I am totally going berserk with anticipation! I look forward to running into allof you guys again! The After Jam is on (Moon Beans Style) at my big ass house! Our Website is back up! http://txbeat.com/

    This will be a good opportunity for those who had to work to party After Hours and for everyone to jam together.
    You can BYOB or hope I got you covered. I’m gonna get some food and some kegs maybe some licker.
    The party starts as soon as Fitzgeralds kicks us out and lasts forever!

    You can find out more at http://txbeat.com/
    or hit me on http://myspace/atlargetx

    or just call me at 713-927-4825

  104. mr. jonathan toubin Says:

    i’m so bummed i’m stuck working in nyc and gonna miss this. i’m spinning the axiom and houston loud compilations and channeling you all… still all freaks and you don’t even know it…

  105. Kilian Says:

    you call that working?

  106. Billy Says:

    Hey I have a highly important question… what was in the Game Room area??.
    Pool Table.
    Kiss Pinball Machine….
    WHAT ELSE??? I spent alot of time on that Centipede before bands would start up…I have forgotten what else was up there….

    See Ya This Weekend.

  107. charlotte Says:

    Defender was in the gameroom. The pool table was my favorite, especially after a few beers.

  108. Lisa Ramon Says:

    Hey JR!!!!!!!

    Axiom days…all but a blur…but they were great times;)
    How many of us got in the club free!!! Lord…no wonder JR was a broke man back then. ahhahahaha

    I will be flying in from San Francisco for this event ready to do some serious damage…just like old times.



  109. Heather Fails Says:

    Sorry about the previous 2 posts. Got this of the Houston punk archives website….

  110. Heather Fails Says:


  111. Heather Fails Says:

    Whoever posted the flyer of Ame’s 21st and Nikki’s 19th birthday party I love you!!

  112. Heather Fails Says:

    A few photos I’ve taken of the Axiom recently:

  113. Brian DiFrank Says:

    What the Fuuu?

    I’m gonna do my best to show up on Saturday. I used to play drums in USMC (uncle sam’s misguided children) I barely remember anything from 22 years ago. Maybe my feeble memory will be jarred as soon as I have the right amount of beer in me and see some old faces. Tap me on the shoulder if you remember me and I’ll do the same. I’m currently playing with Jeff Copas here in Austin.

  114. Tom Turmoil Says:

    See you all this weekend. Anybody bringing old discs to sign?

  115. ?BillSavoie? Says:

    be there with bells on…f’mop, toho, schmog, sprawl…this should be one for the record books. And, thanks to the Chiefs for letting me get up and play some… 😉 much appreciated.

    what can I say: looking forward to it

  116. Veronica Says:

    This is going to be one kick ass event! Can’t wait!

  117. Bill "the Master" Bates Says:

    Wow, Heather…that Dr. Know flyer was the show where I met them and let them party/stay in my 1br condo back then in West Houston…in the morning they begged me to give them my Manowar “Kings Of Metal” cassette so they could mount it on their dashboard and worship (mock?) Manowar all across the country. Couldn’t deny them that, could I?

  118. Rob Says:

    Messerschmitt World Domination Happy Hour
    Tribute To The Axiom

    MWDHH – 2007.10.07
    Theme – Local Music (Axiom 20th Reunion)

    01 – Poor Dumb Bastards – V/A Risk
    02 – Cinco Dudes – Another Song About Rain – V/A Axiom Vol. 1
    03 – Joint Chiefs – Sativa – Fat and Dusy
    04 – Truth Decay – St. Vitus – White Bunny/St. Vitus 7″
    05 – Walking Timebombs – Lone Nut – S/T
    06 – Anarchitex – Science Fiction Childhood – You Can’t Fight
    City Hall
    07 – FSU – Blue Sandcastle – V/A Axiom Vol. 1
    08 – dead horse – Turn – Peaceful Death And Pretty flowers
    09 – Sad Pygmy – Sweat & Cigarettes – Sweat & Cigarettes 7″
    10 – Sprawl – Big Ass Jewel – V/A Axiom Vol. 1
    11 – Pain Teens – Cool Your Power – Destroy Me Lover
    12 – Dresden 45 – Briar Patch – V/A Axiom Vol. 1
    13 – Sugar Shack – You’re A Freak – Treasury Of Prayers
    14 – Van Goghs – Comin’ Down – V/A Axiom Vol. 1
    15 – Rotten Piece – Grocery Cart Factory – Incarcerated Dwarf
    16 – Grindin’ Teeth – Red Star – V/A Houston Loud
    17 – Non Dairy Creamers – Yo Grandma Knows – V/A Houston
    18 – Monster Zero – Subatomic Mind – V/A Axiom Vol. 1
    19 – Bayou Pigs – Beer Cans & Halos – Re-Hab Messiah
    20 – Da Plug Uglies – Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things –
    V/A Houston Loud
    21 – Lozenge – Thorazine Shuffel – Plenum
    22 – Loco Gringos – Let’s Talk About Beer – S/T
    23 – Crust – Desperate Cries – V/A Love & Napalm
    24 – Ed Hall – Cedric – Albert
    25 – Hayflick Limit – Texas Gothic & Whiskey Social – Mone
    26 – Turmoil In The Toy Box – Plumbing A Burning Fairy – V/A
    Third World War
    27 – Melvins – A History of Drunks – (A) Senile Animal
    28 – 400 Blows – Mudbone Wetfish – V/A Axiom Vol. 1
    29 – Party Owls – Death Riff 2000/Working Man’ Blues – S/T
    30 – Green Couch – Crunch Berries – V/A Manifestation 5
    31 – Happy Fingers Institute – George Bush’s Corpse – George
    Bush’s Corpse
    32 – M.C. Poodle – Smell Fi-Fi – V/A Manifestation 5
    33 – Culturcide – Houston Lawman – Tacky Souveniers
    34 – Flaming Lips – Everything’s Exploding – Oh My Gawd


  119. mark Says:

    alex kilgore Says:

    August 2nd, 2007 at 12:28 pm
    JR & CO.-
    OH the memories.

    You can remember? Those times are a little fuzzy to me. 🙂

    m. mcgriff

  120. MattSonzala Says:

    Is Liz Polay coming or what?

    I was at the first Axiom show when Vampire Lezbos played, the cops came and there was a toilet in the middle of the dancefloor. The one in the restroom didn’t work. I think you could see the sky thru the ceiling. Then I walked into downtown when the cops shut the place down and caught a bus home.

    Also promoted my first show in Houston there with Rad Richard – Decadent Dub Team, 3 Wise Min and H-Town Hispanics. I saw so many bands there, this is going to be nice.

    Looking forward to seeing all of this!

  121. Bliss Blood Says:

    Have fun ya’ll. I sure wish I could have come down there to participate and see you all! I will be there in spirit.

    Love you to death!!!!!!


  122. Liz Polay-Wettengel Says:

    Yo! Sonzala! Hit me up at liz@littlemophead.com (and anyone else who wants to keep in touch)

    Sorry I couldn’t fly in folks, The kiddo has a stomach flu.. guarantee you are having a better time than I am tonight!

    I definitely know I am missing the best damn shows around right now!

  123. Jay Hova 4x4 Says:

    The Friday show was awesome I’m looking forward to tomorrows show. Ya’ll can hit me up on Myspace http://www.myspace.com/Jayhova4x4 or email me jayhova4x4 (atthat) gmail (thingy) com.

  124. johnathan Says:

    when is the you tube adventure?

  125. Bill "the Master" Bates Says:

    Not as much as we love you…which is beyond death.
    Best not to elaborate on this in a public discourse.
    Missed night one, but the rest of you beware tonight.

    More importantly, just discovered this:
    Andy Nelson, who did Jesus Christ Superstar with us, died on Weds Oct 3…
    there was an obituary in the Houston Chronicle on Weds Oct 10…
    ending with this:
    Friends will host a wake on Sunday Oct 14
    email: tamarie.cooper@gmail.com for information

    Just did that, hope she’ll see it and reply quickly before I head to Fitz.

  126. Bill "the Master" Bates Says:

    An excerpt from the obituary of Andrew Bruce Nelson:

    Andy was a seductively attentive listener; women and men alike fell in love with him. He danced like a dream and had the body of an ox, which he abused with feats of almost heroic thoughtlessness…

    What a way to be remembered, many of us aspire to inspire an obit this cool.
    Read the rest on Chron archives.

  127. jason nodler Says:

    p.s. Here’s the link to Andy’s obituary, which was lovingly penned by Brad Tyer. Be sure to check out the guestbook.


  128. Ben Tecumseh DeSoto Says:

    friday night photos


  129. Ben Tecumseh DeSoto Says:


  130. Eric & Jill (of course) Says:

    WOW!! JR, What a night I saw so many fine people from my past.
    I also wanted to say you did good JR Damm you did good!
    Seeing TOHO again, What can I say.. My Beautiful Tiffany on stage
    again with that voice that always kick’s my ass! She was one of the main
    reasons I cast my shadow there on Friday night. (Shaun) you still look HOT playing drums)

    K Kowgirl, I love you girl!

    De Schmog were fucking GREAT! Everyone else I talked to (you know who you are) will always be in my Heart…


  131. john Says:

    pics from Fri and Sat:


  132. MattSonzala Says:

    The Three Day Stubble vids in the back and Turmoil in the Toybox were amazing to watch. Great event. Get Sugar Shack and Pain Teens for the 21st Anniversary PLEASE!

    And Three Day Stubble!

    And Verbal Abuse.

  133. unclecharlie Says:

    Great show. Good to see ecerybody however my vision is extremely bad these days so I actually couldn’t see many of you. But good to be with you nontheless. Ie was great to see Jahova’s belly dance move. Sad Pygmy covering the Party Owls was cool. Wish I thought of that. I hope there is a 21st anniversary show. I still don’t know who the girl was that said Hi to me on my way our.

  134. fred-dude Says:

    Having left Houston 15 years ago, it was a weekend of constant shock for me. Every time I turned around there was a new face that I hadn’t seen in many, many years.
    The entire Axiom20th staff did a outstanding job putting this whole thing together, and I would like to express my gratitude to them for all their hard work and sacrifices that allowed me the opportunity of not only sharing a stage with bandmates of 20 yrs past, but also the all the opportunity to experience friends and musicians from that era once again.
    And JR, thank you so much for all your hard work, both past and present.

    “We’re all freaks, and not afraid to show it!”

  135. Chuck Roast Says:

    Yeah it was fun. Required the drinking of wine on Sunday to counter the beer. Hair of the dog as they say. JR, Julie, Rebekah, Mark…ya’ll rock.
    Thanks to the Cave Reverend for supplying the backline equipment for bands like mine to abuse.
    And Please don’t do a 21st anniversary. 25th maybe. You don’t want this to be too much more of a chore.
    Blogs blow.
    Chuck Roast(Turmoil in the Toybox)
    ps-if you would like to see one of my non-offensive bands play for free. This Saturday at diverse works “Space City Gamelan” plays at 6:15 in a day long “Unusual Animals” fest put on by Asthmatic Kitty Records. We play Indonesian Bronze Gong type music. Its fun and FREE!

  136. Tom Turmoil Says:

    JR and Rebekah and all- What a weekend! It was so FAR-OUT! I new many faces and did not get to connect with them all. All you Axiom women still look so good. TOHO and Anarchitex were just beyond the pale they were so good! Those I missed well talk at the 25th! Those I spent time with I will do the same. Be Well and of course- we are all freaks and not afraid to show it!!! much love and peace

  137. Heather Fails Says:

    Thanks everyone involved! That was good.

  138. Marc Curtis Says:

    Thank you JR, Julie, Rebekah, Richard and all involved for the show and for opportunity for so many paths to cross again.We applaud you! B.E.

  139. GREG MAIN Says:

    we had a blast!!!!!

  140. damon Says:

    screw reunion 25, lets do it next week!

  141. John Ramos Says:

    Thanks JR, Julie, Rebekah, Richard & all who made the Reunion happen.We had a blast this past weekend .It was great seeing everyone and everyone Rocked.

  142. Average Axiom Fan Says:

    A classic weekend!

    Check out a review of Friday night on SPACE CITY ROCK:

    Thanks to J.Van for permission to use the great pics.

  143. Greg Putman Says:

    Thank you JR, Julie, Rebekah and the whole crew for putting in the many hours of hard work that made this whole thing happen. I, along with the rest of the Bayou Pigs really had a blast and are really glad that we were able get all of the members back together and play. We are honored to be able to participate in something so cool. It was also great seeing everyone from the old scene all together again. It was way better than any high school reunion…..that’s for sure! Thanks!

  144. Rev Bryan Says:

    Cinco Dudes brought it saturday night. Just like the old days only soberer. Soberer?
    Yo Fred Dude, give me a shout about playing in Houston. We forgot to exchange pertinent info.

  145. Jester J. Says:

    Yeah, agree with Damon. A 25 anniversary party would be too damn far from now. Wish something like this would happen more often, like once a month, maybe in some more informal location (i.e. easier to put on, etc.). Maybe at least once a year? (dammit!)

    Enjoyed the heck out of last weekend. Keeps us older rockers young…

  146. Kilian Says:

    Just want to shout out to everybody that participated in this thing and especially to “the Axiom Staff” who worked hard to put it together. Both nights rocked and everybody looked so damn good, must have been a lot of gut sucking going on. The only problem I had was missing the Anarchitex because we played at the same time. That sucked big time. Oh and missing Jimmy Bradshaw for a stupid baby shower. Oh wait that’s my baby so never mind. Still sucked though.

    All the Best,

  147. Jay Says:


    I can’t believe I didn’t even know this was happening until today. I officially hate the internet for being so vast.

    Oh well, maybe I’ll make the 40th event.

  148. Anarchitex Says:


    You needn’t fret about missing the Anarchitex’ set on Friday night. Our buddy,Ben Tecumseh DeSoto recorded the show from the audience and we’re streaming the results at http://myspace.com/anarchitex . Very raw oriinals. Includes onstage chit-chat with Kathy Kowgirl,words of encouragement from Don Walsh and observations by actual members of the general public.


    John Reen Davis

  149. Charles Atlarge Says:

    It was great seeing everybody. All the performances were awesome! I wanna do it again next year!

  150. Austin Constanelli Says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it out, caught one helluva stomach virus. Next time ,you’ve got to get Cement Pond to play. It’s like they played that one time and then vanished! Best show I ever saw at the Axiom…

  151. Ed Lucear Says:

    Man I wish I had known of this, I attended UofH back in the late 80’s and played a couple of shows at the Axiom, Rudz, remember the Pik-n-PAK,
    If you guys do 25th count me in

  152. John Reen Davis Says:


    As many of you know, one of the Houston Music Scene’s most beloved member, Rixmyth (aka Rick Smith) died three weeks after the Axiom Reunion Concert. He attended both nights and loved every minute. I have taken the liberty of posting some photos pf Rick as well as some album art he did for my band. I would like to have included the great pic the Chronicle took of Rick goofing around at the Show, but copyright law forbids. The photos I uploaded are from rix’ myspace page.

    John Reen Davis

  153. Charles Roe Says:

    Rev Brian, contact Fred Dude at his website http://www.shellyknight.com or via his myspace account for the Shelly Knight and the living dead. Thanks to you and Julie and Rebeka and Richard and JR and Greg- we loved the show, and the poster we had it framed and is in my office here in Recife. My son Parker Roe will be moving to Houston this March 08, he wants to be like his old man and make it in the Houston scene. It says alot about the influence of the Axiom reunion. Hope everyone will have a good Thanksgiving and an even better holiday season. Tchau

  154. J.J. - John Jelks Says:

    Live ROCK !! an I missed it. Hey JR, I miss speed skating around the Ax and doing carpentry until 3am! “Hey, is that stage repaired yet?” Where is Janet Lowry? Where are you JR? email me john.jelks@gmail.com. Take care, see you at the 40th, eh? “Noska knows, but he won’t tell, and when he’s gone, he’ll trash in hell”. Love and Skates, JJ..

  155. JAMIE WOODY Says:

    my name is jamie woody, i am the webmaster for the awful truth website.

    i posted some images from the axiom reunion of THE AWFUL TRUTH. i do not know who took the photos, but i would like to obtain permission to use them by the photographer.

    if there is a problem with them being used, please let me know, and i will take them down.

    thanks in advance.


  156. JAMIE WOODY Says:

    that makes perfect sense!……..(NOT!)

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  167. Windy Clark Says:

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  172. Ir-Reverend Beel Says:

    SO fukkin’ drekked that there ain’t a hope in hell thatHomeland ‘ll let me attend. Miss you all, Joe, Jay, Gary, Perry, Shanin, Chris, Kathy, Sydney, Adam…Etc. etc. Love Reverend Beel (McPherson)

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