Last chance to win!

The deadline for the Craziest Axiom Story contest is almost here! The person who posts the best story by October 1st will receive two weekend passes, drink tickets, and an Axiom Reunion T-shirt. Stories about hallucinations and things you don’t remember doing but were told about later may be admitted at the discretion of the judges.


One Response to “Last chance to win!”

  1. shawn trammell Says:

    I think the craziest thing I saw there was when Morbid Angel played, I think it was the second time… when the lights went out, the smog machines almost killed everyone inside, you couldn’t even see the band when the stagelights went on… then the band played, total chaos… and when they played Chapel of Ghouls people started breaking stuff and moshing on broken glass… everyone who hit the floor was getting all cut up… that was f*cking insanity… my friend Simon split his knee wide open and we had to leave to take him to the E.R.

    I also recall one night when Dark Reign was playing my friend Mark Beecher (Imprecation) was teasing the singer, calling him Cookie Monster, the guy throws his mikestand into the pit, Mark moves out of the way and it hits some chick standing behind us…

    I loved the Axiom, I spent much of my early “going to the local show” years there, idolizing the bands that influenced my evolution as a teenager… my friend Ame Strasser (RIP) was the one who introduced me to all of the wonder of the underground and she was the one who brought me to your door…

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