Touring Bands that Played the Axiom





The Accused

The Adolescents

Adrenalin O.D.

Afghan Whigs 

Agnostic Front

Agony Column 

Alien Sex Fiend


G.G. Allin

Babes In Toyland

Bad Mutha Goose

Bad Religion

Beat Happening

Big Drill Car

Billy Goat


Blake Babies

Bouffant Jellyfish

The Buck Pets

Buffalo Tom

Camper Van Beethoven

Cannibal Corpse


Cat Butt

Chainsaw Kittens

Chemical People

Alex Chilton

Christian Death


Coffin Break


The Cows

Crash Worship

Crime & The City Solution


The Crumbsuckers


Dag Nasty


Dark Angel

Das Damen

Dayglo Abortions

The Dead Milkmen




Die Kreuzen

Dinosaur Jr.

Dogs D’Amour

Down by Law



Ed Hall


The Exploited

Fearless Iranians from Hell



The Flaming Lips

The Fluid


Game Theory

Gaye Bikers on Acid


Giant Sand

Glass Eye

God Bullies

Goo Goo Dolls

Government Issue



Half Japanese


The Hickoids

Honeymoon Killers

H.R. (ex Bad Brains)

Incubus (metal)

The Jayhawks

The Jesus Lizard




Killing Joke



The Lazy Cowgirls

Live Skull

Loco Gringos


Lubricated Goat

Roger Manning

MC 900 Ft. Jesus


The Melvins

The Mentors

Roger Miller (ex Mission of Burma)

Miracle Room

Missing Foundation


Monks of Doom

Morbid Angel

Mother Love Bone

Mr. T Experience


Nice Strong Arm




Nuclear Assault


The Offspring


Poster Children


Psychic TV


The Rollins Band

Sacred Reich



Screaming Trees

Screeching Weasel


7 Seconds

Sham 69


Shudder to Think

Sister Double Happiness

Sleep Chamber


Social Distortion

Soilent Green

Squat Thrust




Thin White Rope

Thinking Fellers Union Local #282

Three Day Stubble

Tragic Mulatto

True Believers


U.K. Subs

Uncle Tupelo

Urge Overkill

The Vandals

Verbal Assault

Victim’s Family



Volcano Suns

The Walkabouts


White Zombie

Yo La Tengo


Were you at one of these shows? And if so, do you remember it?

58 Responses to “Touring Bands that Played the Axiom”

  1. Tim Johnson Says:

    The Jesus Lizard
    Psychic TV
    Three Day Stubble
    Those I can remember, but Lance tells me we were at The Rollins Band and many others.
    We drove up from Galveston and then back after, damn that road is longer at 3 in the morning!!!

  2. Karen Raymond Says:

    Dayglow Abortions
    Coffin Break
    Screeching Weasel
    Reverend Horton Heat (do they count?)

    tons more i’m forgetting.

    I remember seeing TAD talking to Indian & thinking it was Meatloaf.
    I like that sentence!

  3. jerb Says:

    No Warrant? My fav Axiom memory is when Warrant pulled up in their tour bus (don’t ask me why they were playing there). 10 trunks of wardrobe to unload. they took a look at who all was standing around and were scared to get off the bus. Someone yelled “c’mon Jamie, this is where ‘the downboys go’!!” haha

  4. Copas Says:

    I’ll never forget taking Jesus Lizard to Leo’s Mexican Restauarant for dinner before the gig. They wanted to eat at the place where the inside jacket photo from ZZ Top’s “Tres Hombres” was taken. Much delicious food was consumed, and margaritas, and they were nice enough to pick up the tab. And then they went and kicked some serious ass.

    But the Pik n Pak show the year before might have been even better…!

  5. Drew Says:

    Didn’t Nirvana open for TAD ?
    My recollection is mighty fuzzy but I only remember a hand full of people at the show.

    I don’t think the Rev counts as they played nearly every month !

  6. Karen Raymond Says:

    I think that Tad & Nirvana played in the same week, but I don’t think it was on the same night.

  7. Kurt Brecht Says:

    D.R.I. played there I believe.

  8. Tom Turmoil Says:

    I was in Turmoil in the Toybox when we opened for Afgan Wigs. I also Remember an L7 show where I hung with the band a bit. If I knew that one day the girl would pull a tampon out onstage I would have been more enamoured. I vaguely remember that Nirvana did play the Axiom but I could not get my Mom to give me a ride. Mind you I was 33 you understand.

  9. Tom Turmoil Says:

    Jesus Lizard with all the duct tape and the Cows heart? If im wrong its a shame.

  10. Drew Says:

    NomeansNo on the Wrong tour

    • Don Mize Says:

      Damn that was a good show. I remember those boneheads showing up and trying to be hardasses, and getting thrashed around by the crowd til they started sucking up instead it was funny as hell. Great show.

  11. Andy Says:

    I remember going to U.K. subs. I also went to a dozen or do other shows down there. Memory’s a little fuzzy back then. I work in construction and had to go down to the area last week. I hardly recognized the area anymore.

  12. Heather Fails Says:

    Bad Brains with Isreal singing

  13. Heather Fails Says:

    Verbal Assault

  14. Heather Fails Says:

    Screeching Weasel

  15. Heather Fails Says:


  16. Tom Turmoil Says:

    Um… I think the duct tape and bovine inerds was Crust.

  17. Skater Dave Says:

    I believe I broke my collarbone at “The Accused” show, Which means that I really enjoyed myself.

  18. Heather Fails Says:

    G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies. I remember standing in the theater seats hoping he wouldn’t sling poo our way.

  19. Heather Fails Says:

    Fearless Iranians From Hell!

  20. axiom20th Says:

    J.R. doesn’t think Bad Brains played there (though H.R. did) but all the rest, yes.

    • Clint Says:

      It was H.R. and it was at least 2 his long. I couldn’t believe how long he went on for. The Exploited was the last show I remember going to. Was crowded and off the chain

      • Clint Says:

        It was H.R. and it was at least 2 hours long. I couldn’t believe how long he went on for. The Exploited was the last show I remember going to. Was crowded and off the chain

  21. Heather Fails Says:

    Maybe it was Catal Hyuk or whatever by then, Bad Brains played with Israel in that building. I grabbed Israel’s butt while sitting on the stage.

  22. Shaun "saedog" Kelly Says:

    I remember being at Crust, Afghan Whigs, Crash Worship, Victims Family, Flaming Lips (2 bowie covers!), Jesus Lizard, L7 (they covered spinal tap’s stonehenge), Loco Gringos, Mentors, Rollins Band, Squat Thrust…

  23. Joseph Moreno Says:

    Homeboy Shire
    Violent Playground

    I was @ the L7 show. Those were some violent chicks. I remember them kicking people in the audience. Wild.

    • Don Mize Says:

      You saw L7 without me Skid? Man wtf where was I? I don’t even remember hearing about it. Was that while I was out hitchhiking the country or something? Hi Heather. Hey Joseph were you at the MDC Show where the guitar player had me get up and sing “Skinhead” with them? Ha, I’ll never forget you coming to the Axiom on prom night that was funny. Oh btw, to whoever runs this thing, y’all forgot Artless, as well as Leaving Trains and RKL. Hmm, it may have been Cattle puke by then, it sort of blurs. First beer I ever bought was there. Fact that they served minors helped a lot. What happened to Claire? Last I saw her she was in Austin working at Magnolia.

  24. Jeremy Says:

    Some memorable shows for me were:
    -Babes In Toyland and The Cows – it was the coldest day in ages, and the audience was me, Larry, and Jay Hova 4×4. Oh and our trusty kerosene jet engine heater.

    -Voivod – ZRock ran that show and advertised the hell out of it. The crowd came straight from TT&R. Met Al Ovalle for the first time that night.

    -Fugazi – the cat had kittens that night and we named them after the band.

    You are missing a name from the list, DJ Lebowitz.

    -Gwar – Remember when their shows told a story and it was not all about hosing the crowd off with fake blood?

  25. dethnogin Says:

    I remember seeing Destruction , although they’re not listed above. They might have been with Kreator, but like everyone else you ever crossed the threshold of the Axiom my memories are fuzzy at best.

  26. James Medford Says:

    King Missile played there in ’91. I believe Roger Manning opened.

  27. kathy e. Says:

    i think it was dharma bums playing with nirvana that night.

  28. kathy e. Says:

    oh! and that crust show was fantastic. i was in awe and in love. and frightened. bless them.

  29. Billy Hinkle Says:

    Please add.

    Cryptic Slaughter.Bold.Insecticide.Swiz.Nuclear Death.Whoppers Taste Good.Vomit Spots.Anal Cunt.Phlegm.Incantation.Goreaphobia.Immolation.Sadus.

    Best times ever…Shows are lame nowadays.

  30. Heather Fails Says:

    Dr. Know…….

  31. Ifeoma Says:

    I used to have a huge crush on Jack Grisham of TSOL.
    He was like the Simon LeBon of punk rock.
    That’s right,
    that’s what I said.

    I also had a crush on all the guys in Bark Hard too.
    And then I got to know Johnny Gibson a bit
    and I got over all that real fast like.
    Totally kidding.
    See you Friday Johnny.

    • Don Mize Says:

      I used to have a huge crush on you Tiffany, but you were never interested. 😦 Oh well I was married for a while anyway. Still got y’alls 2 7 inches and the Axiom comp am I missing anything? Later.

  32. Warren Says:

    The strangest had to be Psychic TV with GPO walking straight through the crowd and grabbing me by the collar. The psychedelics helped with that one.

    Crust…ohhhh Crust. Cow tongue, diapers and fishing lures.

    Mudhoney, Sugar Shack, NoMeansNo, L7 all top the list.

    Never got enough of the Pain Teens.

    So many more that I can’t quite remember…

  33. DJ Lebowitz Says:

    I played a number of times at the Axiom, on the bill. I did a double bill with GWAR. Another time JR induced me to cancel my Oklahoma City gig so I could play on the bill with 3 Day Stubble. I shared the bill with Check Your Shoes, and others.

    Does anyone know where JR is these days?

  34. Big_Larry Says:

    Wow. I remember the Agnostic Front show. We (Grimace) were opening for Agnostic Front and UYUS. Scott (formerly of Social Deceit, who was playing bass for UYUS at the time) told me later that they were afraid to go on stage after us, as we had riled up the thirty or so folks that were there early enough to see us.

    And I expected the guys from Agnostic Front to be taller, but they were all like five-foot-two.

    Wow. Those were the days, I tell you.

  35. Phone Psychic Reading Says:

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  36. Toney Says:

    What about Culturecide! I saw them there and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  37. Don Mize Says:

    Well, there’s two missing off the dang ol bat mans. Leaving Trains (I mean, they got that chick to eat a bowl of dog food on stage) and Rich Kids on Lsd. I worked security for GG when he played there at his last appearance before it became cattle puke.

  38. Don Mize Says:

    Ps I was at a few of them. First time I went there was a week before the Axiom record release. Anyway, I remember when Judge was supposed to play but flaked out, and I got jumped by about 9 boneheads outside. Good times oh yeah. Let’s see, saw GG, RKL, NOFX, No Means No, Leaving Trains, 7 Seconds, Sacred Reich, MOD, Bouffant Jellyfish, Billy Goat and Ed Hall, 3 Day Stubble (thought they were local), Squat Thrust, and a shitton of good local bands.

  39. ray Says:

    loco gringos, cinco dudes, squat thrust, the mike gunn, billy goat, brown paper dog, all damn fine shows, and like everyone else, they’re all a haze.

  40. Verbicide Magazine » 12 More Punk Show Flyers From the 1980s Says:

    […] (via The Axiom) […]

  41. terrell39 Says:

    Anybody see prong headline late 1990? I was there but trying to find exact date &.setlist. I remember when laaz rockit showed up but fire marshall shut axiom down for the night!

  42. terrell39 Says:

    Go to gigposters website for about 5 pages of flyers! Nirvana is one of them. So is mod who i saw! Also saw wolfsbane/dark angel/overkill!

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  44. Toeknee Says:

    The show I remember most was Culturecide. I think it was Halloween. Some guy came as the first 3 Sabbath albums, wearing them. I think. Perry was doing the stick guitar thing. I loved going there. But I may be mixing up more than one memory.

  45. Jason Beck Says:

    I was at over 30 of these shows (plus several they left off like Angkor Wat, Cryptic Slaughter, Dr Know and Rude Awakening). I was so young I couldn’t drive to a bunch of them and had to get rides from older kids. Great times!

  46. BRENYA D HEYE Says:

    SPRAWL…. all the girls were in luv with Rev. Dave Dove. Broke in my first pair of Doc Martens in the mosh pit. I think this list has incorrectly spelled them at Scrawl….. LOL. Such good memories.

  47. Jose Martinez Jr. Says:

    Saw Nuclear Asssault. Dead Horse numerous times. And the loudest show ever Kreator. Kinda remember Sepultura, Morbid Angel.

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  49. Noska chickatello Says:

    I came across this page looking for a tape from a band from Austin that played at the axiom. “EMG” if anyone has the cassette tape or know anyone that does, please give me a shout.
    P.s. I lived upstairs at the axiom for about a year

  50. not Todd Rundgren... Says:

    Rev. Dave Dove!

  51. prepare yourself to be personally affected by a drunk driver’s folly. – Jesus Christ's Says:

    […] Dead Milkmen show, at PTL that John Flansburgh booked They Might Be Giants to the club [PTL] think GWAR played there once, nah… they played axiom, another underground club X’s for Eyes played […]

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